WYPL Book Talk

Williams, White, and Willig - All the Ways We Said Goodbye

February 15, 2020

Beatriz Williams and Karen White have both appeared on Book Talk before to talk about their best-selling novels, Beatriz with The Summer Wives, and Karen with The Beach Trees and A Long Time Gone. New to Book Talk is Lauren Willig, who has published six stand-alone novels and 13 installments of her successful Pink Carnation English historical series. All three authors together have collaborated on three novels, The Forgotten Room, The Glass Ocean, and today we'll be talking about All the Ways We Said Goodbye: A Novel of The Ritz Paris, which is published by Harper Collins. It's a story of honor and courage as three women, each in a different era in French history, World Wars I and II as well as the 1960s, strive for truth and autonomy while navigating a number of different battlefields.


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